1001 Little Beauty Miracles

1001 Little Beauty Miracles

Author Esme Floyd-Hall, Esme Floyd

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224 pages
203 x 209mm
Published Jan 2012
ISBN 9781847329523
Book Summary

These top-to-toe tips will help you make small changes to your beauty regime that reap big benefits, both in the way you look and how you feel. With direct remedies for beauty problems as well as advice on everything from getting perfectly groomed nails to battling cellulite, 1001 Little Beauty Miracles offers short, simple ways to improve and maintain your natural good looks.

Impress your friends with your knowledge of sensationally simple ways to get gorgeous fast. Even if you are an ungroomed, nail-biting, hair-yanking, exercise phobic, these corner-cutting ideas will set you on the path to looking your finest with the minimum of fuss.

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