1001 Little Health Miracles

1001 Little Health Miracles

Author Esme Floyd-Hall

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224 pages
203 x 209mm
Published Jan 2012
ISBN 9781847329455
Book Summary

These top-to-toe tips, sourced from the latest medical research, will help you make small lifestyle changes that reap big health benefits. With direct remedies for health problems as well as preventative advice, 1001 Little Health Miracles offers short, simple ways to improve and maintain good health.

All the tips are amazingly easy to follow - and many are completely effortless. For example, the author explains how you can burn up more calories by sleeping longer, cure a headache by drinking coffee, and ward off colds and infections by eating certain foods. The book includes all kinds of helpful hints for such troublespots as insomnia, jetlag, stressed hair, workout injuries and fatigue, as well as useful tricks to losing weight and increasing your fitness level.


" These small tips and lifestyle changes - based on the latest scientific evidence - can go a long way to improving your shape, health and happiness." Woman's Own

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