1001 Ways To Lose a Fortune

1001 Ways To Lose a Fortune

Author Wayne Williams

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288 pages
204 x 135mm
Published Oct 2009
ISBN 9781853757426
Book Summary

You'll find hundreds of entertaining accounts of financial misadventure in 1001 Ridiculous Ways To Lose a Fortune - the greatest collection of funny, crazy and mind-boggling stories of financial loss ever assembled. The trader who went on holiday with a stock trade open, and came back to discover he'd lost a fortune; the fat-cat director who ruined himself and his huge firm by cracking the wrong joke; the ill-fated holder of the world's greatest casino loss playing baccarat - they're all here in this hilarious new book. 1001 Ridiculous Ways To Lose a Fortune is nothing less than a fascinating investigation into the darkly humorous nether regions that our society is built on and is especially relevant given the global recession that shows no sign of easing up.

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