3D Colourscape Ballerina Theatre

3D Colourscape Ballerina Theatre

Author Anna Brett

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48 pages
243 x 171mm
Published Sep 2016
ISBN 9781783121953
Age 6+
Series: 3D Colourscape
Book Summary

Open the book to reveal 24 double-sided press-out sheets. Two of the sheets can be simply slotted together to form a base. The other card sheets can then be placed into this base, six at a time, to form a detailed 3D scene. The sheets have differently shaped die-cut holes in the centre, and are illustrated on both sides, ready to be coloured in a creative and beautiful way. Children can build their own ballet theatre, putting together scenes from famous ballets, or creating their own, unique scenes by mixing and matching. The fun doesn't stop once the cards have been coloured in - kids can keep creating new ballet colorscapes with different card arrangements.

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