3D Colourscape Magical Forest

3D Colourscape Magical Forest

Author Anna Brett

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24 pages
243 x 171mm
Published Sep 2016
ISBN 9781783121960
Age 6+
Series: 3D Colourscape
Book Summary

Open the book to reveal 24 double-sided press-out sheets. Two of the sheets can be simply slotted together to form a base. The other card sheets can then be placed into this base, six at a time, to form a detailed 3D scene. The sheets have differently shaped die-cut holes in the centre, and are illustrated on both sides, ready to be coloured in a creative and beautiful way. Children can create their very own fantasy forest world. With so many card combinations, the fun doesn't stop once the cards have been coloured in - kids can keep creating new colorscapes with different card arrangements. This is a cool and creative colouring kit that will spark children's imaginations.

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