A History of Videogames

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A History of Videogames

Author Iain Simons, James Newman, Foreword by Ian Livingstone

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224 pages
243 x 191mm
Published Mar 2018
ISBN 9781787390645
Book Summary

Forget about bits and bytes, data and code and see the world of videogames through the most unique, important and sometimes downright ordinary stuff on the planet. From the humble audio cassette to out-of-this-world virtual reality, this is the story of videogames - told through objects!

The curators of the UK's award-winning National Videogame Arcade take you on a journey through joysticks and microchips, Game Boys and cuddly toys, guitars, drums and Ocarinas as they tell the story of how videogames are made, played and loved.

Whatever your interest in gaming - casual Pokemon player, GTA expert, medal-winning FIFA champion of anything in-between - this is the book for you.

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