Abba Thank you for the Music

Abba Thank you for the Music

Author Robert Scott

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176 pages
200 x 146mm
Published May 2009
ISBN 9781847323309
Book Summary

Everybody loves ABBAas proven by the blockbuster success of "Mamma Mia!" the movie. "Thank You for the Music" traces the story of the Swedish supergroupwhich has sold an estimated 350,000,000 records, tapes, and CDsthrough their songs. Starting with their world-conquering 1970s disco hits, it travels through to the more reflective 1980s, with The Winner Takes It All marking a watershed in their output. Every tune from the musical and movie is covered, and glorious photographs form a sublime gallery of Abba s most dazzling costumes. This is a unique in-depth study of the places, events, and characters that inspired an enduring catalog of classic songs."

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