Amazing Sex Positions

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Amazing Sex Positions

Author Richard Emerson

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128 pages
0 x 0mm
Published Jan 2018
ISBN 9781787390430
Book Summary

Welcome to the Pleasure Zone. Amazing Sex Positions is your passport to a satisfying and fulfilling sex life. The 101 sexual positions, all clearly described and photographed in full colour, will add excitement and even an extra dimension to your lovemaking. Add even more zest through fantasy, role play, sex games and toys, including feathers, bath-time fun, domination/bondage, or feed your partner into a frenzy. The book concludes with positive advice on how to handle safer sex, sex during pregnancy, coping with stress and the whole spectrum of sexual problems. Whether you are in an established relationship or have been together for just a short time, Amazing Sex Positions will take your lovemaking to new heights of expression.

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