Battling Dinosaurs

Battling Dinosaurs

Author Anna Brett

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32 pages
234 x 268mm
Published Mar 2016
ISBN 9781783121854
Age 6+
Series: Digital Magic
Book Summary

Battling Dinosaurs is without doubt the most high-tech dinosaur title on the market, bringing our planet's most fearsome prehistoric predators to life like no other book. Thirteen fact-packed profiles supply all the need-to-know info about each contender's weapons, armour, strength and speed. Then simply link your smartphone or tablet to a friend's, pick your predator and let battle commence. Who wins? You decide!

Try out Digital Magic for your self right now! Print out the image below and follow the steps to see Battling Dinosaurs come to life! Click HERE for the printable version!

Battling Dinosaur Augmented Reality Trigger

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