Blackbeard's Pirateworld

Blackbeard's Pirateworld

Author Stella Caldwell

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80 pages
304 x 266mm
Published Apr 2011
ISBN 9781847327666
Age 6+
Series: World Series
Book Summary

Blackbeard - his very name conjures up the glint of a razor-sharp cutlass, the menace of a sinister eye-patch, the creaking hinges of a discovered treasure chest. Back in the eighteenth century no ship in the world was truly safe from Blackbeard and his fellow piratical scoundrels. As rich and tantalizing as the treasures Blackbeard sought to secure, this sumptuous folio takes readers to the very heart of the action. Discover the world of pirates in a book of unrivalled flavour and detail, which presents a series of mysterious objects believed to have once belonged to Blackbeard himself.

World Series
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