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Author Rod Green

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160 pages
283 x 245mm
Published Jul 2015
ISBN 9780233004600
Book Summary

The Car explores every aspect of the development of the automobile from the evolution of the family car to the desire for speed and the need for "green" technology.

Where would we be without the car? From the earliest "horseless carriages" to the wizardry of Formula 1, cars have retained their fascination for generations of design, engineering and speed enthusiasts. They have literally transformed our lives and had a massive impact on popular culture. The car's colourful history is revealed in a concise and informative text and beautifully evoked in the illustrations, photographs and selection of printed documents.

Documents printed on the page include:

Karl Benz's patent for the first motor car

A blueprint for a Peugeot racing chassis

One of the original design drawings for the E-type Jaguar

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