Commuter Puzzles: Overworked & Underpuzzled

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Commuter Puzzles: Overworked & Underpuzzled

Author Puzzler Media Limited

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224 pages
198 x 129mm
Published Jan 2019
ISBN 9781787392175
Book Summary

This is the perfect book for those who need to fit their puzzle fix in wherever and whenever they can, and the commute to work is the ideal opportunity. All of the puzzles in Overworked and Underpuzzled: Commuter Puzzles have been designed to fit into busy schedules. The challenges are short and punchy to fit as many in as possible, but with levels ranging from easy to difficult, you can choose your own pace.

Featuring classic conundrum favourites such as Sudoku, Crosswords, Silhouette, Criss Cross, Guess Who, Wordsearches, and many more, there's plenty to liven up your dull morning commute and kick your brain into gear for the day.

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