Cosmopolitan Sex Positions

Cosmopolitan Sex Positions

Author Lisa Sussman

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96 pages
143 x 102mm
Published Jan 2018
ISBN 9781787390454
Book Summary

Cosmopolitan Sex Positions is a frank and sophisticated book for the smart woman who, whether single or in a relationship, wants to keep her sex life sizzling forever. Written with humour and sensitivity, here are over 100 of the most enjoyable, climax-guaranteed sex positions, from a series of moves for the great outdoors when bed becomes a bore, to indoor fun with scarves, feathers and food. Hit a C note with positions to caress the clitoris, limber up and become a sex gymnast or re-enact your favourite movie sex scene.

Cosmopolitan Sex Positions is guaranteed to step up the pace of your sex life and set you and your partner off on a whole new series of blissful adventures. Explore, experiment and enjoy!

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