Author Brian May, Denis Pellerin, Paula Richardson Fleming

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240 pages
316 x 231mm
Published Oct 2013
ISBN 9780957424609
Book Summary

Brian May is one of the world's foremost collectors of Victorian stereo cards. He published his first book about these cards in 2009, A Village Lost and Found, which contained a complete series of stereo cards taken in a small Oxfordshire village, and was a huge success and the subject of a great deal of media attention.

In this second book, the subject is of broader interest and is more controversial. Diableries (which translates roughly as 'Devilments') presents an extraordinary set of French stereo cards, which were originally published in the 1860s. They depict an imaginary underworld populated by devils, satyrs and skeletons which are very much alive and - for the most part - having fun. The cards are works of art in themselves, constructed in a special way to enable them to be viewed (in a stereoscope - which is supplied with the book).

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