Dreamworks Dragons Come to Life!

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Dreamworks Dragons Come to Life!

Author Emily Stead

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32 pages
234 x 268mm
Published Oct 2017
ISBN 9781783123018
Series: Digital Magic
Book Summary

This is the only augmented reality character guidebook to the world of DreamWorks' smash-hit TV series Dragons: Race to the Edge and the How to Train Your Dragon movies. Simply download the free iOS or Android app, point your smartphone or tablet at the pages of the book... and bring your favourite dragons and riders into your world with incredible 3D augmented reality experiences. Fly Toothless, Stormfly, Hookfang, Meatlug and Barf & Belch around your bedroom, then head outside and grow them to their real size. You can take photos as you train the dragons, then share your pics with your friends and family.

Note: Dreamworks When Dragons Come To Life is not for sale in the US and Canada.

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