Duran Duran: Wild Boys

Duran Duran: Wild Boys

Author Steve Malins

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320 pages
204 x 135mm
Published Sep 2013
ISBN 9780233003924
Book Summary

This is the Duran Duran story, from their conceptual birth in Hollywood (Birmingham, England not LA) through to their current contemporary relevance, influencing such acts as the Dandy Warhols and Scissor Sisters, via encounters with Andy Warhol, cobras, pink flamingos, Liz Hurley, Cannes, cherry lipstick, Aston Martins, Sri Lanka, Studio 54, synthesizers, Chic, supermodels, Michael Jackson, Bono and a giant eyeball. From the songs and the videos, the hype and the awards, to the near-death experiences and the breakdowns, it's all here in resplendent rock 'n' roll glory.


'A gripping read… packed with exclusive material and hitherto unpublished interviews.' - The Sun

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