Ed Sheeran: Stories Behind The Songs

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Ed Sheeran: Stories Behind The Songs

Author Caroline Sullivan

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160 pages
243 x 191mm
Published Mar 2018
ISBN 9781787390485
Series: Stories Behind the Songs
Book Summary

Ed Sheeran is at the very top of the pop-music world. Whether he is creating and releasing his own amazing albums, or writing hits for many major artists - Justin Bieber, the Weeknd, Taylor Swift and One Direction, to name just a few - it is clear that Ed Sheeran is an exceptionally talented musician. Ed Sheeran: Writing Out Loud is a must-have book for the legion of fans of the beatboxing guitarist from Halifax. Caroline Sullivan, an experienced music journalist who has interviewed the biggest popstars in the world, goes behind the scenes to discover the stories behind the creation of Ed Sheeran's award-winning music. As well as analysis of his ground-breaking albums, there is an in-depth reflection on Ed Sheeran's life and where he has drawn his talent and inspiration.

With a fan base covering all generations and nationalities, Ed Sheeran is far more than just another popstar. He is a true global songwriting talent - one whose career is not stopping any time soon. Ed Sheeran: Writing Out Loud gives his fans a refreshing new insight into what has driven him to his great success.

Stories Behind the Songs
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