Embarrassing Sexual Misadventures

Embarrassing Sexual Misadventures

Author Nina de la Mer

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320 pages
198 x 129mm
Published May 2018
ISBN 9781911610168
Book Summary

More than 1,000 entertaining, factual accounts of bad bonking, fruitless fornication and misplaced masturbation are chronicled in this unique book. It is a huge collection of incredible cautionary tales about the most undignified ways you can be caught getting your rocks off - and they're all true!

Alongside entertaining records of stupid shaggers and moronic masturbators, Embarrassing Sexual Misadventures also includes a series of unique 'top tens' covering topics such as: Top Ten Public Misadventures • Top Ten Animal Sex Incidents • Top Ten Political Sex Scandals • Top Ten Damaged Member Incidents • Top Ten Sexually Related Deaths. This book investigates the insatiable lust, the overactive libido and the depths of sexual depravity to which humankind stoops on an all too regular basis - it's a pumping good read!

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