Essential Equipment for the Kitchen

Essential Equipment for the Kitchen

Author Charlotte and Peter Fiell

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320 pages
226 x 176mm
Published Jul 2013
ISBN 9781847960542
Book Summary

For anyone who cares about good design on a daily basis, this book is a bible. Essential Equipment for the Kitchen is a book about "ultimates" - the ultimate tools designed for the kitchen, from potato peelers to cheese graters - well-designed and beautiful objects that have superior performance and durability.

For Charlotte and Peter Fiell, good design is a key part of their lives. Experts in design who have written over 30 internationally bestselling books on the subject, both also believe that choosing to buy well-designed products is one of the most important strategies at our disposal in solving the world's environmental problems. "If you buy something that is made to last a lifetime", says Peter Fiell, "you get better value for money, more joy through its use and it's also the responsible way to consume." Many of the objects featured in Essential Products for the Kitchen are design classics that have stood the test of time and are still in production - from the Le Creuset Volcanic Casserole to the Dualit Combi Toaster- all examples of much-loved objects that look good and perform well.

"Over the years, friends and family have repeatedly asked us, 'Where can I get really well-designed cutlery?', 'What is the best shelving system?', 'Which oven can you recommend?'", says Charlotte Fiell, "So we have decided to find the best-designed kitchen products available from around the globe and compile them in one ultimate guide."

This comprehensive sourcebook showcases the objects beautifully, with detailed descriptions of their historic relevance and design excellence, and full stockist details. This is an essential guide for any design-lover.

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