Author George Craig

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128 pages
286 x 236mm
Published May 2013
ISBN 9781780973524
Book Summary

The possibility of climbing the world's highest mountain was first aired in 1885. Although Tibet and Nepal were initially forbidden to explorers, the challenge captured the imagination of the world's mountaineers. Over the next 68 years, obstacles were overcome to allow 12 full-scale expeditions to attempt the summit. Eleven ended in failure - until on 29 May 1953, the British team achieved the seemingly impossible.

The magic of Everest remains undiminished. Since 1953, many expeditions have conquered the mighty peak, but it remains one of the world's supreme challenges: its very name synonymous with the biggest, the best and the most dangerous.

Packed with stunning photography and informative text, Everest will chronicle the story of the mountain and those who attempted - some successfully, others with fatal consequences - the ultimate test of bravery.

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