Expert Mindblowing BJs

Expert Mindblowing BJs

Author Lisa Sweet

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96 pages
143 x 102mm
Published May 2011
ISBN 9781847328083
Book Summary

For a man a whole lot of sex comes down to his penis; for every woman, it pays to know exactly how best to handle your man's penis. Giving a great blowjob is not a simple case of putting your lips together and sucking. While that may keep him happy for a while, there are more sophisticated techniques and tricks that will ensure you're both enjoying yourselves to the fullest capacity. A follow-up to Carlton's best-selling How to Give a Mind-blowing BJ (2008), this book offers even more amazing techniques - from insider porn tips to specific adaptations for different types of penis, all in a light, humorous manner that will promote confidence and open communication with your partner.

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