Fortnite Battle Royale Ultimate Winner's Guide

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Fortnite Battle Royale Ultimate Winner's Guide

Author Kevin Pettman

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64 pages
270 x 216mm
Published Nov 2018
ISBN 9781787392137
Age 3+
Book Summary

Your essential guide to Fortnite, the biggest game of the year, combining info on Battle Royale and Save the World modes into the ultimate one-stop winner's manual.

Inside, there are crucial combat tips, Save the World survival advice, building instructions and tons of Battle Royale secrets, plus loads of stunning screenshots. It's everything you need to be the last one standing!

Combat essentials section, all about weapons, tactics and sneaky tricks.

Dedicated sections on how to create the deadliest traps and structures.

Profiles of the best tools and weapons, and where to find them.

Suitable for complete beginners, but full of advanced info, too.

Special tips encourage co-operative play with info on


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