Gnome, The

Gnome, The

Author Joel Jessup

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112 pages
170 x 175mm
Published Sep 2010
ISBN 9781853757921
Book Summary

How does a gnome woo his partner? What hobbies does a gnome indulge in other than fishing? What is their favourite piece of garden equipment? What is their most popular sport? And what is the deal with the pointy hats? Through years of in-depth research at a grassroots level, private study and probing interviews, The Gnome will answer all these questions and more. Full of fascinating gnome facts, funny captions and over 100 charming images of adorable gnomes, this is the ideal book for all gnomaholics and anyone looking for a very funny book and isn't averse to it being full of gnomes. Gnomes have existed in European folklore for centuries, with the classic garden gnome emerging in Germany in the mid-1800s. Through charm, cuteness and sheer pluck, the garden gnome won the hearts of Germany, Europe and then the world. You can get gold-plated gnomes, gnomes in every football kit, even gnomes that have been customized to look just like you! (Especially if you have a big white beard). But this is the first book to truly capture everything great about the Gnome and tell all their secrets in a stylish and fall-off-your-toadstool funny way.

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