Gods, Heroes and Monsters

Gods, Heroes and Monsters

Author Stella Caldwell

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80 pages
304 x 266mm
Published Feb 2016
ISBN 9781783121199
Age 6+
Series: World Series
Book Summary

Gods, Heroes and Monsters is a lavish album of discovery in which the legendary creatures, battles and heroic deeds of Greek mythology are brought to jaw-dropping life. Stunning photographs of ancient treasures are paired with full-bleed awe-inspiring CGI scenes from the classic myths - your chance to rediscover gripping tales of the Odyssey, the Trojan Wars and the adventures of heroes such as Perseus and Heracles. Lively text explains the historical context of the myths and an illustrated map showcases the awesome Greek mythical world. From fates and furies to minotaurs and muses, this is a book to stir your imagination.

World Series
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