Great Military Blunders

Great Military Blunders

Author Geoffrey Regan

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272 pages
204 x 135mm
Published Feb 2017
ISBN 9780233005096
Book Summary

From ancient times to the Bay of Pigs and the Falklands War, military history has been marked as much by misjudgements and incompetence as by gallantry and glory. Such blunders have sometimes ended in tragedy, sometimes in farce - such as the English troops, supposedly marching on Cadiz in 1625, who instead got drunk in a salt marsh. Sometimes they have ended in triumph, despite all the odds. In this fascinating and entertaining collection, author Geoffrey Regan not only recounts some of the staggering stories, but also highlights the kinds of difficulties that can lead to military disaster. His anecdotes encompass every aspect of warfare from the insanity of commanders to the provision of inadequate supplies.


'Regan is Britain's premier authority on military disasters and the content of the series [Great Military Blunders, Channel 4] is informed by his refreshingly blunt approach' - Time Out.

This book should be approached with the same expectations as an evening with Peter Ustinov - it is greatly amusing yet deep in perception and intelligence' - Country Life.

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