Healthy Indian Cooking

Healthy Indian Cooking

Author Monisha Bharadwaj

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144 pages
260 x 194mm
Published Mar 2013
ISBN 9781780972633
Book Summary

Written by a leading writer on Indian cuisine, this is a definitive guide to Indian eating for greater wellbeing, whether you are keen to follow the Ayurvedic approach or merely want recipes for delicious yet healthy Indian food. The book shows how healthy Indian food can be, revealing its value as an energy cuisine that can lift the spirits, tone the body and quieten the mind - all Ayurvedic aims - while also revealing the Ayurvedic principles behind Indian cuisine and explaining how to choose the right foods to eat, which ingredients to combine and the best methods of cooking. Because Ayurvedic practitioners believe that the colours of food can indicate their health values, the recipes are displayed on colour-coded pages that reflect the properties of their key ingredient.

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