Holistic Therapy Bible

Holistic Therapy Bible

Author Jane Alexander

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256 pages
260 x 194mm
Published Jan 2012
ISBN 9781847329479
Book Summary

The Holistic Therapy Bible guides you through the maze of holistic living and explains clearly and concisely how to incorporate natural health, emotional healing and spirituality into everyday life with simple, effective information and techniques that work. Encyclopaedic in scope, this is a guide to enjoying a healthier, happier life in the twenty-first century. Ultimately practical, the book offers a concise blueprint to the whole field of holistic health and is packed with exercises and tips for the reader to try. The book helps demystify often complex topics, presenting them in clear terms, and allows the reader to choose their own approach: they can either work through the book as a mental, spiritual and physical primer, or simply adopt a pick-and-mix approach, experimenting with whatever therapies or techniques appeal most.


"Britain's Top Writer on Alternative Therapies" The Daily Mail

"Packed with DIY tips to boost energy, help you look and feel great, and give you the lowdown on holistic therapies and practices." Top Sante

"Dip in at random for a new direction." Good Book Guide

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