How Do You Get An Egg into a Bottle?

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How Do You Get An Egg into a Bottle?

Author Erwin Brecher, Mike Gerrard

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224 pages
244 x 176mm
Published Jun 2019
ISBN 9781787392724
Book Summary

Containing around 200 fascinating science puzzles posing real-world questions for you to ponder and solve at home. The answer to each problem explains a scientific principle in easy-to-understand terms, so not only are you solving puzzles, you are also having fun while you learn.

This fun book takes a slightly different look at puzzle questions, and all of the posers are based on real-world science. So you'll learn how to boil water in your palm, why you can crack your knuckles, how to walk on fire, why feet feel cold on a wooden floor and of course how you get an egg into a bottle.

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