How to Poo on a Date

How to Poo on a Date

Author Florent Gaillard, Mathias Prouvost

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144 pages
175 x 126mm
Published Jan 2014
ISBN 9781853757822
Series: How To...
Book Summary

How to Poo at Work was the original toilet etiquette guide which made a big splash in the UK. Now toilet etiquett-sperts Mats & Enzo have turned their attention and extensive experience to what is surely one of the most important questions that has played on the mind of mankind for centuries: How to Poo on a Date.

Not an instruction manual as the title might imply, How to Poo on a Date is a practical guide to confronting every possible problem or eventuality one may encounter when wooing. Inside you'll learn exactly what to do (through explanatory text and useful diagrams) in a variety of practical, real-life situations, from feeling the call of nature as you walk in the woods with your paramour to what do do if you block her toilet with a monster mud-out.

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