How to Poo Your Way To the Top

How to Poo Your Way To the Top

Author Florent Gaillard, Mathias Prouvost

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144 pages
175 x 126mm
Published Oct 2016
ISBN 9781853759642
Series: How To...
Book Summary

Mats & Enzo are the toilet etiquette experts who brought you the bestselling, prizewinning How to Poo at Work. Not content with this outstanding contribution to the development of the human race, they bring you How to Poo Your Way to the Top. This new book develops the themes of the original, and makes sure you maximize your advance knowledge of pooing in the workplace not just to get by, but to enhance and advance your career! With this book you will gain all the knowledge you need to advance through the ranks and stand out from all the others in the cubicle!

Filled with essential advice, handy diagrams and fill-in charts, How to Poo Your Way to the Top will help you float to the top of the pile!

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