Ian Poulter

Ian Poulter

Author Gavin Newsham

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240 pages
234 x 153mm
Published Aug 2013
ISBN 9780233003870
Book Summary

Ian Poulter: The Biography of Britain's Golfing Hero tells the story of one of Britain's finest golfers. Charting Poulter's life from when he first picked up a golf club aged seven and hit the ball 140 yards to his triumphant, pumped-up charge in the 2012 Ryder Cup, this is a story every golf fan will want to read.

Poulter has earned his success the hard way and the book details how he grafted to become a professional golfer, having to pay to play at the golf club that employed him. It details his struggle to turn professional in 1994 before his obvious talent saw him join the European Tour in 2000, where he immediately won Rookie of the Year.

Today, Poulter is known for being one of the most flamboyant and outspoken voices in professional golf, unmissable on the course with own range of garish clothing. Now a fixture in the world's top 15 players, a friend and neighbour of Tiger Woods in Florida and one of the most recognizable and sometimes controversial players on the planet, the book looks at all the stories, such as why he wore an Arsenal shirt at the Abu Dhabi Championship in 2006 and how he almost came to blows with Colin Montgomery in a London restaurant.

Of course, the book also looks closely at all Poulter's golfing achievements. And what a golfer Poulter is. Ranked fourth in the World Golf Rankings in 2010, he is a stalwart of the European Ryder Cup team, twice victor in the World Golf Championship Matchplay Tournament and a winner of numerous European and PGA Tour events.

The book puts all these aspects together to create a biography that is fascinating, revealing and honest. In fact, much like Ian Poulter himself.

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