iExplore - Predators

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iExplore - Predators

Author Camilla de la Bedoyere

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32 pages
234 x 268mm
Published Aug 2017
ISBN 9781783122554
Series: Digital Magic
Book Summary

iExplore Predators is a beautiful book looking at some of the most ferocious animals on earth - with Digital Magic bringing them into your room! Eleven fact-filled profiles give the reader the lowdown on each animal: how it hunts, what weapons and tactics it uses to defeat its prey and where it lives. From the Komodo Dragon's deadly bite to a saltwater crocodile's killer twists once it's grabbed its victim, these animals will have you covered in goosebumps! Beautiful photographs show off each of these amazing species in their natural habitat, from a laughing hyena pack to 3-metre tall polar bears fighting each other. As a final step simply open the app on your smartphone or tablet to trigger the AR action and awaken the Digital Magic!


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