iExplore The Brain

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iExplore The Brain

Author Jack Challoner

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32 pages
234 x 268mm
Published Aug 2017
ISBN 9781780978901
Series: Digital Magic
Book Summary

The next incredible book in our Augmented Reality series takes you deep inside the human brain! Take a journey into the human body and learn how your brain works with this fascinating book packed with facts about your grey matter. The brain dives deeper into the subject matter of the human brain by looking at how it works in close detail: from senses to memory, automatic and voluntary movements all the way to how the brain uses neurotransmitters to give us emotions, the brain is at the core of everything we do. Then use Augmented Reality to witness amazing science right before your eyes by placing your tablet or smartphone near the visual trigger on the page and watch which part of the brain is triggered by your activity.

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