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Author Anita Ganeri

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32 pages
234 x 268mm
Published Oct 2014
ISBN 9781783120888
Age 6+
Series: Digital Magic
Book Summary

Thanks to the Digital Magic of this interactive app, you can bring the wildest weather right into your home without disturbing a single chair! Place your tablet or smartphone near the visual trigger on the page then hold it up to see a tornado chasing your dad or a volcano erupting on your desk. iStorm is packed with fascinating facts about earthquakes, tsunami and other extreme weather events. From floods and drought, to forest fires and avalanches, discover why extreme natural events occur and learn about their impact on our planet.

AR is easy to use, doesn't require special equipment, is inherently social and shareable, and isn't solely about escapism.  AR is grounded in the real world, the tried and tested human environment, and even better than that, Carlton's Digital Magic AR is grounded in books - the most successful content delivery mechanism human beings have ever created.  It fits into your life instead of asking you to learn a new way of being.

Try out Digital Magic for your self right now! Print out the image below and follow the steps to see iStorm come to life! Click HERE for the printable version!
iStorm Augmented Reality Trigger

Digital Magic
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