It's the Dirty Thought That Counts

It's the Dirty Thought That Counts

Author Karen S. Smith

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144 pages
198 x 129mm
Published Oct 2012
ISBN 9781780972305
Book Summary

It's time to get down and dirty with this no-holds-barred collection of the funniest and naughtiest gags you're ever likely to hear. It's the Dirty Thought That Counts is all you need to give you a naughty thrill and is jam-packed with outrageous stories, punchlines and one-liners that are guaranteed to have you and your mates laughing out loud. And, because all women know that men and sex make a hilarious double act, the book includes jokes on chat-ups, dirty talk, foreplay, penis size, orgasms and between-the-sheets mishaps, making it a side-splitting read and proving that - in this case at least - size doesn't matter.

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