IWM 100 Years of Warfare

IWM 100 Years of Warfare

Author Paul Brewer

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320 pages
243 x 191mm
Published Oct 2015
ISBN 9780233004761
Book Summary

Combining journalistic insight with historical hindsight, 100 Years of Warfare is an authoritative record of world military history from 1914 to the current day. Presented in a dramatic newspaper style and covering all major battles, from the First World War to the Global War on Terror, the book is packed with information on important developments as well as details about the personalities who influenced the outcomes of wars across the world.

With its novel approach, 100 Years of Warfare will appeal to both the military enthusiast and the general reader looking for a comprehensive yet dramatic depiction of the campaigns and conflicts that have changed the face of the world over the last century. Drawing on unique resources of original photographs, it allows the reader to experience warfare as it was lived.

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