IWM: Britain at War 1939-1945

IWM: Britain at War 1939-1945

Author Richard Overy

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140 pages
289 x 251mm
Published Sep 2011
ISBN 9781847328533
Book Summary

Written by leading Second World War historian Richard Overy, Britain at War transports the reader right back into the heart of the action. Each key event is presented concisely, with maps, photographs and documents bringing the epic story to life as never before. Every theatre involving British troops is covered, from the first two years of the global conflagration in which Britain and her Commonwealth allies, stood alone against the might of Nazi Germany and her Axis allies fascist Italy and Imperial Japan, to the later years when allied alongside the United States and Russia, they continued the long, hard, but ultimately victorious fight for the freedom of Europe, Africa and Asia.

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