Jack the Ripper

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Jack the Ripper

Author John G Bennett, Paul Begg

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224 pages
252 x 195mm
Published Jul 2017
ISBN 9780233005201
Book Summary

Jack the Ripper is the only book that enables the reader to travel back into the London of 1888 by recreating key scenes from Jack the Ripper's murders in pin-point accuracy, using the power of CGI. Through detailed and atmospheric crime scene recreations, plus thoroughly researched text written by experts in the field of Jack the Ripper, this book explores the movements of each victim, the position of witnesses and the location of various buildings and streets to give the reader the most complete view to date of the gruesome crimes that shook Victorian society.


"As good a general account of Jack the Ripper as exists." - The Sunday Telegraph

"Rather than being another attempt to identify the culprit, this book examines the facts behind one of the most infamous and grisly episodes of the Victorian era." - Best of British

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