John Lennon The Stories behind every song 1970-80

John Lennon The Stories behind every song 1970-80

Author Paul Du Noyer

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176 pages
200 x 146mm
Published Jul 2011
ISBN 9781847326652
Series: Stories Behind the Songs
Book Summary

There are many books about John Lennon's life and about the music of The Beatles. What is often overloked is the extraordinary solo work that John produced in the final decade of his life, 1970 to 1980, between the end of The Beatles and his murder in New York City.

This unique book recounts John's life after The Beatles in this fascinating and revealing track-by-track analysis of the stories behind each song that he wrote.Lennon's life in these years was eventful and fascinating. He moved from superstardom in the world's biggest pop group to being a global peace campaigner and figurehead for radical causes.

He left England for a new life in the USA with Yoko Ono. There was a bizarre interlude of 18 months - his famous "lost weekend" - when John ran off with Yoko's secretary May Pang and descended into alcoholism. Reunited with Yoko, he abandoned public life and retired to his New York apartment to raise their son and live the life of a recluse. In 1980 he re-emerged with a new album, but the plan to resume his career was cruelly curtailed on that fateful night outside the Dakota Building in December 1980.

Stories Behind the Songs
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