Ladies of Letters New & Old

Ladies of Letters New & Old

Author Carole Hayman

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176 pages
191 x 119mm
Published Mar 2009
ISBN 9781853757303
Book Summary

"More Ladies of Letters provides us with an invaluable insight into the mindset of the contemporary British pensioner… It is not only an historical document, it is a fascinating glimpse into the private worlds of two extraordinarily ordinary English women." Sue Townsend

Created by writers Carole Hayman and Lou Wakefield, Irene Spencer and Vera Small - aka "the ladies" - are happily widowed and live in a world of church fêtes and amateur dramatics. After meeting at Irene's daughter Lesley's wedding reception, they become firm - sometimes too firm - friends and so begins their extraordinary correspondence first recorded in Ladies of Letters. In More Ladies of Letters we find Vera installed at Far Shores Trailer Park and Irene living the "high life" Down Under. In their constant missives to one another they share their ups and downs in true acerbic and forthright form - swapping family stories and subtle put-downs with ease and aplomb. Irresistible in its depiction of the foibles of female friendship, More Ladies of Letters is another sparkling collection of letters full of humour and vitriol in equal measure.

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