Mensa: Keep Your Brain Fit

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Mensa: Keep Your Brain Fit

Author Robert Allen

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176 pages
198 x 129mm
Published May 2018
ISBN 9781787390805
Series: MENSA
Book Summary

Exercise your mind with this fabulous selection of 100 colour puzzles from Mensa, the world-famous high IQ society. Written by Robert Allen, the former director of Mensa Publications, these puzzles are graded in difficulty, providing a progressive opportunity to develop your puzzle-solving abilities.

The brain is a muscle just like any other part of the body, and must be exercised in order to stay fit. Filled with puzzles and challenges designed to test your brain, as well as help it to strengthen and stay in good shape, this book is perfect for upping the fitness of your cranium.

Between the covers, you'll find a treasury of brainteasers guaranteed to provide you with hours of fun. Best of all, you'll give your mind a wonderful workout too!

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