Mensa Riddles and Conundrums Pack

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Mensa Riddles and Conundrums Pack

Author Robert Allen

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72 pages
286 x 222mm
Published Oct 2017
ISBN 9781780978949
Series: MENSA
Book Summary

The Mensa Riddles and Conundrums Pack explores some of the more fascinating areas of puzzling pleasure. As well as some really challenging lateral thinking puzzles and brain-racking riddles, it contains a variety of ingenious games designed to challenge the most demanding mind. There are lateral thinking problems of great cunning, ancient games from China and Siam, and a host of original puzzles that will stretch ingenuity to breaking point. It would be hard to find such a diverse collection of puzzles and games in one place. They call for a wide variety of puzzling skills and will keep readers pleasurably engrossed for a very long time.

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