Ogilvy on Advertising in the Digital Age

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Ogilvy on Advertising in the Digital Age

Author Miles Young

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288 pages
253 x 193mm
Published Oct 2017
ISBN 9781847960870
Book Summary

David Ogilvy is remembered as one of the most influential admen of all time. His bestselling book Ogilvy on Advertising gave no-nonsense, essential advice to those in marketing, PR, advertising and other related industries wanting to improve their success rate. It has become the industry handbook.

Ogilvy wrote his book before the Digital Revolution, and in this sequel, Miles Young brings the same erudite scrutiny to advertising in the digital age as he examines the challenges that agencies and their clients have faced with the arrival of "digital". He demonstrates how to respond astutely and successfully to the myriad possibilities the digital world has to offer. The book is comprehensive in its reach, touching on all areas, from brand response to social media, pervasive creativity, smart content and good storytelling, to cautions about the power of big data, and what we can learn from the latest neuroscience findings and emerging markets. Backed up by sound research and an illustrious career working out of offices in the UK, US and Hong Kong, Young cuts through the "noise" surrounding digital to outline some essential truths and offer sound practical advice.


In this stylish textbook for students of advertising, Ogilvy & Mather nonexecutive chairman Young offers a smart take on the current state of advertising and how his storied firm has evolved as society has been transformed by the internet …

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