One Woman 100 Faces

One Woman 100 Faces

Author Francesca Tolot

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208 pages
0 x 0mm
Published Sep 2014
ISBN 9781847960832
Book Summary

In exquisite, unforgettable images taken over the course of a longstanding collaboration between model, make-up artist and photographer, One Woman, 100 Faces is a first-of-its-kind book that chronicles the transformation of one woman. Embodying and intimately interpreting literally one hundred different forms, moods and identities - by turns innocent, graceful, feminine, raw, sexual and mysterious - the subject of the book, the model Mitzi Martin, changes her appearance completely, even magically, with every turn of the page.

One Woman, 100 Faces is a celebration of femininity in its many manifestations.Whether celebrating the courage to flaunt an inner vixen with dramatic eye make-up and bold, beautiful colours or the confidence to display natural beauty sans cosmetics, the book will take readers on an intimate, visual journey of liberation, discovery and transformation.