Overworked & Underpuzzled: Coffee Break Puzzles

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Overworked & Underpuzzled: Coffee Break Puzzles


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224 pages
198 x 129mm
Published Feb 2019
ISBN 9781787392076
Book Summary

Do you love puzzles but struggle to find time to fit them into your busy lifestyle? This book was made just for you! Overworked and Underpuzzled: Coffee Break Puzzles is the ultimate challenge for those who often only have 5 minutes at a time between meetings, presentations, emails and collecting the children. All of the conundrums inside are designed to be concise but engaging, giving your brain a boost on your break.

The puzzles include all levels of difficulty and there's something for every type of puzzler: crosswords, kriss kross, Sudoku, mazes, visual puzzles and so much more.

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