Pirates: Dead Men's Tales

Pirates: Dead Men's Tales

Author Anne Rooney, Illustrator Joe Wilson

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64 pages
311 x 258mm
Published May 2017
ISBN 9781783122325
Age 9+
Book Summary

In Pirates: Dead Men's Tales, we explore pirates throughout history and across the globe. We come face-to-face with some of the most villainous and scurrilous rogues ever to sail the seven seas. Included are the notorious Blackbeard, who terrorised the Caribbean and the Atlantic seaboard of America until he met his end in a dramatic shoot-out; and Captain Kidd, who might be the unluckiest pirate of all time, and whose legendary treasure is still sought after. Lavish hand-drawn illustrations bring the real life stories of legendary pirate-rogues to life. With in-depth pirate profiles and highly visual maps and explore all the incredible details of life as a pirate on the high seas.

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