Plastic Dreams: Synthetic Visions In Design

Plastic Dreams: Synthetic Visions In Design

Author Charlotte Fiell, Peter Fiell

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Published Apr 2010
ISBN 9781906863081
Book Summary

"Plastic Dreams" is a lavishly illustrated reference work that raises the aesthetic perception of plastics and celebrates their nobility as materials by bringing together an exquisite and highly curated survey of landmark product designs in plastics, from Bakelite in the 1920s to the latest technopolymers today. This publication features over 120 landmark designs, from Wells Coates iconic AD 65 radio to Konstanin Grcic's MYTO stacking chair, that reveal a breathtaking profusion of colours and forms as well as inventive imaginations fuelled by utopian aspirations. The accompanying introductory essay also traces the fascinating history of plastics and assesses their crucial and influential role in industrial design, while the extensive glossary of materials and processes will help sort out your Jaxonite and Xylonite from your Polyethylene and ABS. "Plastic Dreams" is an essential guide to material culture and a must-have publication for all lovers of plastic and design aficionados.

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