Pocket Bike Maintenance

Pocket Bike Maintenance

Author Mel Allwood

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192 pages
175 x 126mm
Published Apr 2017
ISBN 9781780979533
Book Summary

Pocket Bike Maintenance tells you everything you will need to know about your bike and, more importantly, keep it trouble free and on the road. From fixing flat tyres - which can happen anywhere - to worn brakes, headset and chainset. How repairs should be made or, even better, avoided. With a well maintained bike, the need to make roadside repairs will be reduced.

Whether you are dealing with emergency repairs on the roadside, or want to customise the bike to make it last longer, go faster or be more comfortable to ride, this handy pocket-side book is perfect to help you get an intimate understanding of your bike. Written in a clear, jargon-free style, Pocket Bike Maintenance takes you through every part of the bike, with superb step-by-step photographs for illustration, showing maintenance and repair hints and tips.

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