Princess Margaret

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Princess Margaret

Author Christopher Warwick

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352 pages
204 x 135mm
Published Nov 2017
ISBN 9780233005317
Book Summary

One of the most controversial royal figures of the twentieth century, Princess Margaret was admired as well as vilified for most of her adult life. Described by the designer and hotelier, Anouska Hempel, as "Witty, wicked and wonderful," this charismatic princess not only brought colour and sex appeal into the Royal Family, but did much to help bring the monarchy and its attitudes into the modern world.

Adored younger daughter of King George VI and only sister of Queen Elizabeth II, Margaret was a pre-war princess whose world was hugely circumscribed by the strictures and protocol of another age, leading to conflict and misunderstanding in both her private and public life.

In his biography, Princess Margaret: A Life of Contrasts, Christopher Warwick redresses the balance. Whilst giving the full, insider story of the Princess's many love affairs, he also looks at her tireless work for charity, breaking many taboos along the way - Princess Margaret, not Diana, was the first Royal to champion HIV and AIDS awareness.


"In this thoroughly researched and well-written book, Christopher Warwick provides a fascinating insight into Princess Margaret's character and troubled life. It's highly readable and has something for novices and experts alike." Jenny Bond, former BBC Royal Correspondent

"Conscientiously researched, with illuminating first-hand insights obtained from Princess Margaret's inner circle, Christopher Warwick has produced the most complete and sympathetic life of his contradictory subject yet written." Sarah Bradford, Biographer and Historian

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