Radiohead: The Stories Behind Every Song

Radiohead: The Stories Behind Every Song

Author James Doheny

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224 pages
200 x 146mm
Published Sep 2012
ISBN 9781847329943
Series: Stories Behind the Songs
Book Summary

With their complex haunting soundscapes and raw, soul-searching lyrics, Radiohead are the natural heirs to Pink Floyd, Nirvana, U2, The Clash and REM as the "thinking person's" rock band of our time. Similarly maintaining an "underground" reputation at the very heart of the mainstream they combine many of the signature musical and lyrical qualities of their forbears in a thoroughly contemporary way. 2010 saw their departure from the established form of being 'tied' to a label and releasing records, and this combined with their Glastonbury 2011 performance and popularity, cemented their reputation as visionary musicians and performers. This book tells the fascinating story of their songs, which draw upon a multitude of diverse influences, from classical music and jazz to electronica and grunge... and beyond!

Stories Behind the Songs
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